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The final battles have arrived. Stand your ground.

From AbundantHope.net

By CM thru Johan
Aug 28, 2011 – 6:08:40 PM

Candace: without trying to cause alarm, the death toll from this may be rather high. A very widespread area and density of population.

Dear AH Family,

This morning I connected with CMAton about the new directives as mother Earth seems to shift gears in her path to RENEWAL AND CLEANING UP. Here is what CMAton mentioned :

My Dearly Beloved Children. We have indeed entered into a most dangerous phase. As I have mentioned before, what mankind is capable of planning, organising is beyond imagination and does shake all of us to our core. Well that is exactly what mother Earth is doing right now, and will shake off all what does not serve this pearl of extreme Motherly Care and Love any longer, as Momma has seen the Light all of Us, including you at the AH Group Meditations have constantly helped generate stronger and stronger untill She has fully stepped onboard now. So congratulations to all of you.

Dangers are now lurking from EVERY direction around the United States of America, from natural born elements who are reacting to mans folly to man himself who continues to plan the most awefull scenarios to destroy as much as possible, knowing full when they have received their tickets out, and wanting to take down anything and everything in a desperate attempt to hold control in a sinister New World Order after causing havoc and destruction first. As they have lost control over the economy and finances, fractions from different origin in the United States AND from abroad are coming at loggaheads now, they resort to fanatic destructive ways, hoping to materialise underground, taking advantage of the looming hurricane and setting off much more devastation as retaliation amongst each other. Scenes from the mafia and the cold war and extreme gangwars at the highest levels have no comparison what some are planning right now underneight your very feet.

At the same time, nature can set off reactions that will cause far stretching devastation, looking at the Mid Atlantic reef with the old volcano at the Azores, looking at the extreme tension and stress under and along the ring of fire, looking at the GOM that can change the surface of the earth in certain know danger areas in seconds.

With regards to the man made planned evil actions, we intend to NOT nip it in the bud, what normally would be the case BUT this will give us the cosmic permission to lead all into ministasis, where we can step in immediately and safeguard what needs to be safeguarded and controled once more. This will automatically launch the removal of the dark, as their tickets out are long overdue and bring about the CHANGES you all have been waiting for.

Much more I cannot share since We also are monitoring EVERYTHING very closely and will have to work with whatever situation comes first or whatever reaction triggers another, there is where we will be fully present to intervene and help out, as is our major task at the moment.

THAT MEANS FOR YOU WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT : EXTREME VIGILANCE. Your bodies and minds have been cautioned to rest, to be ready, many of you have heard us ask IF YOU ARE READY. Well, NOW IS THAT TIME OF HIGHTENED ALERT. I ask you to continue your daily meditations/Reiki in full force, put your heart and soul on the line, for you are SAFE, that I guarantee you, as we count your every breath, your every good deed, your every RAY OF LIGHT YOU GENERATE through BEING OF SERVICE. Now the Service will be TO STAY UNITED, TO WORK AS A GROUP, FOR WHICH I COMMEND YOU ALL, Connect with the Divine Light and Divine Love and all the Celestial Ones, equally most vigilant, focus on your GROUPS STRUCTURE AND STAND FIRM TOGETHER, LET THE TREE OF LIGHT AND LIFE WORK AMONGST YOU, Send that United Divine Light to the core of Mother Earth, send it out to the surface and far beyond as YOUR LIGHT BY PURE INTEND WILL CONNECT WITH COSMIC AND GALATIC FORCES, as your Co Creator ship IS NOW HIGHLY AT WORK. And let this come back to the different trouble spots you know off, LET YOUR HIGHER SELF HELP YOU TO DETERMINE WHERE… as you know of the RING OF FIRE, THE GOLF OF MEXICO, THE WESTCOAST OF THE US, THE EAST COAST THAT IS UNDER THREAD, THE MID ATLANTIC RIDGE, EUROPE AS A WHOLE, THE MIDDLE EAST THAT STARTS TO TREMBLE, and let US take care of the man made trouble that is brewing, as it will be for some of you also your permission to leave for further duty elsewhere.

THIS IS IT MY BELOVED CHILDREN, THE FINAL BATTLES, THE FINALE WHERE YOU NOT ONLY GET FIRST ROW SEATS, BUT WHERE YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE RENEWAL OF MOTHER EARTH, WHERE YOU ARE PARTICIPANTS IN THE DECISIVE END OF AN ERA OF DARKNESS AND EVIL. ALL OF YOU who stood your ground and Connected With the Divine Within Yourself, as all of this is also playing out INSIDE OF YOU, in total ONENESS with ALL THAT IS, through the I AM PRESSENCE WITHIN YOU, what will equally result in a major VICTORY FOR ALL WHO REPRESENTED THE LIGHT. You still have no idea what this will mean for yourselves, SO GET GOING UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN, it will be sweeter than honey and the happiest you have ever been.

Again, continue your hard work, Connect yourself as much as possible and follow the leads and updates if possible, as this scribe and company will do their best to provide you with. Salu. ”

I think this is clear enough, I will see you at SEVEN and do not hestitate to contact me if i can help,

in Divine Love, Light and Service, Always and in All Ways,


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