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Even WE have to wait and see (Christ Michael Aton)

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Even WE have to wait and see
By CM/Aton thru Johan
Aug 18, 2011 – 8:58:38 AM

This is CM/ATON, Your Sovereign,

As this scribe wants to make sure he keeps totally in line and ‘on the money’ with our Divine Intentions and Directives, I advised him to take this message.

Out of a evergrowing Sincere Desire to do Good unto Others through Service, my scribe asked Me if MORE could be done, other then focusing on California.

Even WE have to wait and see how strong or NOT AT ALL certain geological forces at work deep down Mother Earth, due to many Energetic Influences from all over Space react or come to the surface or influence nearby pressure points and fault lines. Yet we manage that by closely monitoring those areas day and night, what keeps Myself, Esu and crew on our heals and toes at the same time. Those who still complain about WHEN, while being partially in the knowing, should join this team day and night AND STILL NOT UNDERSTAND the complexity of our Divine Plan AT WORK.

However Cosmic Deadlines are forcing us to try out new strategies all the time, with many distractions from the dark running out of options (money as one of them) and running on their last legs.

I can tell you already that Jupiter will be brought out to see if that alignment will bring about the required initiation, movement of Mother Earth, who is fully on board, yet can use all of your precious support in Love and Coordinated Divine Light as you with your AH Groups Meditation Team already do each morning and night. My congratulations.

What We and the waves do unto your Magnetosphere and Ionosphere has many of you baffled with body symptoms but worry not, even when they intensify, as this scribe just felt in both his ears, even for short moments, We accept the blame but MOREOVER the results we are to celebrate TOGETHER shortly. August might catch your attention, if it did not already, yet remain flexible, use common sense while being vigilant.

California is indeed the place FOR NOW, where your and OUR combined efforts through focused Divine Light and Love can achieve the most. Not in preventing but controling and preparing for swift action to come.

Other suggested area’s are off limits FOR NOW since other energies might be directed there and are at work and cannot be tampered or interfered with as there is not alot of space and time to undo what you, goodwilling YET unknowingly might otherwise have instigated.

Use your common sense at what scale this Divine Operation is happening and if impossible to understand, depend on your Inner and Higher Spiritual Connection and ask not, but TRUST as all can clearly see the total collapse of your society is imminent. But out of chaos will arise the solution for some of you to experience first hand, others will see it from afar, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER OR KNOW WE ARE ONE, WE ARE CLOSER THEN NEARBY AND CLOSER THEN SOON.

This scribe his first message from Me was titled : “The Time is NOW.”
IF THIS WERE HIS LAST MESSAGE, it still can be titled : “The Time is NOW.”

As time is a dynamic continuation of NOW moments while WE strive to optimum results, always towards PERFECTION, then worry not the extra days in your counting when dealing with the finalising MOMENTS of a 230 + million years cycle! Once in full consciousness, you will understand, and that is closing IN as we speak.

Support each other as you do, My Warriors of Light, Love and Love again in each moment, in each encounter, represent ME while being PROUD and occupy yourself wisely, even when in need of more REST, and accept my Sincere Compliments for your JOINT EFFORTS much to OUR Delight.


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